Boarding kennels in Lanarkshire

About our Kennels

Each dog is individually housed in its own kennel with a sleeping area and covered run. Owners with more than one dog can have their pets kennelled together if required. All sleeping areas are heated to keep your pets warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Our kennels are modern, spacious and extremely comfortable with plumbed in water meaning your dog has a constant supply of fresh clean drinking water. All bedding is supplied but if you would like to bring an old piece of clothing that has your scent on it you can do as this may help it settle into the new environment.

The kennels are cleaned meticulously every morning using DEFRA approved cleaning products and pressure washers, they are then dried thoroughly and the kennel staff strive to keep all the kennels clean for the rest of the day. Every dog has two walks per day and is individually walked by one of our kennel staff so that your pet will not suffer any potential bullying by other dogs. This often helps pets that are timid and ensures that their stay is stress free.


All dogs must be up to date with their annual booster vaccinations. Proof of this must be provided when dropping your dog off.

If you are unsure of your dogs vaccination status, contact your vet and they will be able to tell you when your dog was last vaccinated. 

We don't insist on the kennels cough vaccination, however if you wish to get this done then we ask that it is administered 15 days prior to boarding.